At New Concepts for Living, we are proud to provide medically supportive community residences to offer your loved ones the care and support they need and deserve. Keep reading to find out what these residences are, and the benefits they have to offer!

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What Are Medically Supportive Community Residences?

At NCFL, our medically supportive community residences are an excellent option for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults who want a home environment and specifically require 24-hour nursing care.

These residences are fully-accessible with extra-wide doorways, spacious common areas, modern kitchens, and two separate family rooms. For the safety of your loved ones, the bathrooms are handicap-accessible and every home has its own exercise/physical therapy room. 

When is A Medically Supportive Community Residence Needed?

You should consider a medically supportive community residence option for your loved ones if you feel you cannot offer them the care and support they need and deserve. In our homes, residents have access to 24/7 care from our behaviorists and nursing staff.

What Are The Benefits of These Residences?

We understand safety is a primary concern when it comes to your loved ones. This is why each of our residences offers these benefits:

Key Takeaways:

Give Your Loved Ones the Care They Need

At NCFL, we are committed to caring for and nurturing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can attain their highest level of wellness and independence. To learn more about our medically supportive community residences, and how we can take care of your loved ones, simply contact us today!

What if you could give the loved ones in your care the attention and community they deserve? At New Concepts For Living, we specialize in taking care of intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to help them reach their full potential. At the heart of our care is the concept of community inclusion.

What is community inclusion, and what does it mean for the loved ones in our care? Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is Community Inclusion?

Community inclusion refers to the ability to take an active part in the community. In turn, other members of the community value each other for the different contributions everyone can make.

At NCFL, our values place a major focus on community inclusion because many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are not part of inclusive communities. Instead, they are often isolated and unable to share, develop, and grow alongside the community. This is why we promote community inclusion every day!

Here are just a few of the ways we create more inclusive communities:

The Achievement Center

At our Achievement Center in Rochelle Park, we bring our residents and day program participants into the community on a regular basis. For over 25 years we’ve been proud to provide an unmatched activities calendar with well-rounded skills training plans to encourage and assist our participants in reaching their full potential. 

We offer recreational activities such as bowling, arts & crafts, dancing, and yoga, as well as team-building exercises to help stimulate the mind and increase social and motor skills! In addition to these activities, we are also proud to provide a variety of field trips for our day program participants. Trips include visiting the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Point Pleasant Boardwalk, and more.

We also believe it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for our participants to be part of the community. The community inclusion program at the Achievement Center allows our residents and day program participants to volunteer for Meals On Wheels, The Salvation Army, and more. 

The Annual Walk-A-Thon

During our annual Walk-A-Thon, residents and day program participants get to interact with others in the surrounding area. They get to see their family and friends outside of NCFL while meeting new faces and building life-changing relationships. This event helps bring the entire community together in exciting and dynamic ways.

As an added bonus, the Walk-A-Thon also helps us raise funds that go towards additional programs, services, and community inclusion events that are vital to the well-being of the adults in our care. 

This year, the Walk-A-Thon was held on May 22, 2022, and was a huge success! 

Every Day Is an Adventure

We love having something planned for our residents and day program participants every day, so they always have something to look forward to. Check out our events calendar to see what we’re up to next!

Key Takeaways:

Give Your Loved Ones the Care They Deserve

Are you looking for a group home or day program for your intellectually or developmentally disabled loved one? NCFL is here to help. Whether you're ready for a tour or just want more info, we're ready to hear from you. All you have to do is contact us today!

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