Frequently Asked Questions

We can help answer your questions

We’ve helped hundreds of families navigate through the same situation you’re going through right now. We know how complicated it can be. The answers below will help you take the next step in finding the best care for your loved one.

My child is currently residing in a group home, but I am not sure it is the right fit. I would like to transfer him/her to another provider agency, but I heard the process is difficult. What can I do?
How do I start the process of placing a loved one with NCFL and getting the necessary information to see if your residential or day program is a good fit for us?
My adult child has a developmental disability (he is a ‘dually diagnosed’ individual) and has become increasingly more difficult to care for; however, he does not have funding for placement in a “Community Residence" (Group Home). What can I do?
How can I ensure my child is safe and not mistreated in your homes and programs?
Will insurance cover services for an adult with developmental disabilities?
What is the average age at your Day Program?
If I am interested in your Day Program but can’t get my child there, can you help?
Are the rooms in your homes single or double?
Can you accommodate specialized meals and diets?
What level of independence will my loved one experience at your Community Residences?
How do you handle outbursts and “difficult” behavior?
Is there a safe, home environment anywhere in New Jersey for developmental disabilities and 24-hour medical needs?
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